2:43 a.m.
She knew poison would have worked best but it also meant evidence which could be traced back to her. So she settled on a sleeping portion. Wait till he sleeps then suffocate him.  This was going to be the first time she takes a man’s life. She has been adjusting this thought in her head for a long time fitting it to play different outcomes in her head. There is even one time she decided not to go through with it and sleep. If she had, then there would be no story.
2:44 a.m
She carefully lifts the blue duvet off her naked body. Walks to the bathroom to fix herself up just as pretty as she did on their wedding day. Her gown had been delivered yesterday from the cleaners.
2:55 a.m
She is at the bed kneeling beside him. She slowly smells the red rose in her hand and carefully places it on the bed just a few inches from his head. In a whisper like voice she leans in to his ear and says
“I think I am more pretty tonight than I was on our wedding day. There is a full moon outside. You want to see it?”
As she drew open the huge curtains the moonlight drenched her beautiful face and her huge eyes lit up. She turned and bit her lower lip.
“He said I would not feel anything for you. Not even when we got married for 10 years. How wrong he was. It is only 2 and yet I love you so dearly. That is why I want tonight to be special for you my love.”
She lifts herself up in the air standing on her toes. Slowly and playfully she walks towards him. Her left hand gently grabs a pillow. She tightly holds the edges of the pillow with both hands. Bends over and kisses his forehead.
3:00 a.m
Using all the strength in her body she suffocates him. Little balls of tears start to form in her eyes and quickly becomes too heavy for her eyes to hold .they are set loose and roll off her hands into the tightly clenched fingers and into the white pillow.
3:02 a.m
His huge hands grab hers. They are cold but strong, too strong for her to fight off. He pushes her off and she falls on a red rug near the bed.
“Jesus! What the fuck is going on? Are you trying to kill me?”
He looks and acts just like any other man who woke up in the middle of the night and found his wife trying to suffocate him in his sleep.
“Answer me damn it! What is going on? Is everything they say about your church true? Is that your wedding gown?
“Baby, baby, calm down. Don’t bother with the door and the alarm i took care of those. Listen to me baby. Hey! Listen, I am pregnant. 3 months pregnant.”
“What! You joking love!”
“No hun, I am pregnant. By now I am sure you know you are not the father. This is the son of the prophet.”
He knows that he is impotent so she is not playing games with him. His whole body is now shaking. All he wants is to put his hands on her neck and squeeze the life out of her. So he flew from the door where he was now standing towards her on the floor where she was kneeling. His huge arms aimed straight at her neck.  As he was almost grabbing her neck , he tripped over the same rug she had fallen on earlier. This sent him to her twice as fast.
Instinctively, she reached her left arm back to her dresser and grabbed something sharp. When his hands locked around her neck she drove it in his throat.  First she felt warm allover her face. Some was getting into her mouth. She wanted to spit it out but he was chocking the life out of her. She tried to fight him off but he was just too strong for her.
He picked her from the floor as if she were nothing and banged her on the dresser mirror. Her hand reached for the sharp object stuck in his throat and pushed it deeper. Her consciousness was now leaving her body.
3:30 a.m
She coughs out the blood in her mouth, wipes it off with the back of her hand. Searches for her phone and dials Jones.
“It is done. Come now!”
3:35 a.m
“Fuck! You look like shit! What happened to just suffocating him?”
“Let’s just say things got out of hand literally.”
“Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”
“Are you my doctor or the cleanup guy? Just get him to the car.”
“I don’t have to be here you know.”
“Hey, hey, I am sorry. My emotions are all over the place right now I am sure you understand. Thank you for doing this for me.”
“Damn girl! Is this the same butterfly hair pin I got you for your birthday? Yoh nasty, remind me not to cross you ever!”
“Fuck you Jones! Show a little respect to the guy. He is dead for crying out loud. Let’s just go.”
3:45 a.m
Driving along ngong road towards city mortuary .
“Hey Bill. Got the package will be there in 10.”
Hangs up and dials another number.
“Hey man, sorry to call you so late. I need a favor. Tell your boys to record an accident. Drunk driving, one victim male, the body is at the city mortuary. “
“I told you such favors require time.”
“I would not have called if it were not important.”
“I don’t give a rat’s ass Jones. I am only doing this because of her. After this don’t fuckin call me again.”
“Whom are you speaking to?”
“No one, we are here. Stay in the car, let me handle this.”
3:55 a.m
“Make it look like a car accident.”
“Where is the deposit?”
“Look at your phone fool! If anyone asks, he was brought in by the police.”
“You are Bill? Please don’t disfigure him too much. I will still need to hold a funeral for him.”
“Hey, I thought I told you to stay in the car?”
“I forgot the ring. He still has it. It is pure gold. These thieves will just take it anyway.”
“Show some respect woman!”
“She is a little rattled that’s all. Forgive her. It is her first time to do this.”
He has been dead for like 45 minutes now. His fingers are swollen.  They watch her struggle to take off the ring for like 2minutes.
“Do you accept help from thieves? We have a way of getting things we want from people without their knowledge after all.”
He takes a knife from his muddy boots and cuts it off before she could think of an answer.
“You want plus the finger or just the ring?”
She holds the ring between her thumb and index finger. The drops of rain hitting the ring melt the blood that had stuck on the “I love you” engraving and trickling between her fingers. I forgot to say that it is raining. It started raining when they parked at the back of the mortuary. The mud on Bill’s gumboots is completely gone now. The almost white apron he had on was now soaked by the rain as he carried the body on his shoulders into the morgue.
She clenched the ring in her fist and murmured something to her now dead husband as his head was bouncing off Bill’s ass as he disappeared into the morgue.
4:10 a.m
They are now leaving city mortuary and taking mbagathi road. Her phone rings. It is Lucy her best friend.
“Praise Jesus sister Lucy. “
“Amen! I am calling to wake you up for the morning prayers. The prophet is already in the prayer cell waiting for me. We have just woken up. I felt the spirit leading me to wake you up and pray with me. Is Tom awake?”
“No. Tom travelled to Mombasa on Friday but he should be back today.”
“He will arrive safely in the mighty name of Jesus Christ!”
“Amen my sister. Thank you for waking me up. Let me pray and prepare for church. Don’t forget the prophet chose me to deliver today’s sermon.”
“Okay bye.”
“Bye sister and thank you so much.”
4:30 a.m
“Make sure you pick me up at 7 for church. I don’t want to be late. I am delivering the sermon today you heard? I think you should sit in today and listen. You want to hear what I have to say.”
She bangs shut the door behind her and as she walked away she left the gold ring on the car sit.


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