I love you but woman please give me space! I swear I can’t live without you and you know that. I always want to see you every second of the day. What I don’t tell you is that before I met you I had friends. Boyfriends that I love to bits and guess what, they miss me. I just want a few hours off face-time today and perform boy rituals like playing fifa, just hang around my guys and discuss girls or something.  So don’t call me, don’t text me. Don’t text and tell me it is important I call you back. In fact let me just go with your phone today.
I always find it hard to tell you this. The truth is that I would really like it if once in a while you just pretend I don’t exist then go hang out with your girls. Don’t hang out with your best friends who are boys, just hang around your girlfriends and know that I love you and I will look for you once the gods of bromance are happy.  There are those days that I just want some me time and I will love you more as a result trust me.
 Eve gave Adam space. We know this because when the serpent tricked her she was alone. So feel the same need to explore your independence. Learn new ways of cooking or kissing from a soap you will be watching with your girlfriends. When you return home or the next time I will see you I will have the desire to see you and do things with you, to you. This is the plain truth and this is the only way I could tell you.
Guys don’t like feeling suffocated because it gives them an impression of being trapped. Once a man feels like he is getting enclosed in a space either by you being constantly in his face or through texts and calls, he will try to escape this box you are putting him in.  That is our nature. So give us a very long leash and we will walk around in circles until we trap ourselves.  Now this here is the best form of entrapment. A man feels like he is in control until he is not.
What I am trying to say is find a way of being in my life without making it so obvious. Keep a distance I don’t see you but I can feel you. That way I feel like I am free yet committed. In short, I feel like a man. The moment you keep a distance that I am always seeing you, the feelings I have just find a way of escaping through the holes of commitment phobia. So, let me be a man and I will find myself to you.
To put it in other words, we love being in a relationship but we don’t always know it from the beginning.  We think and come to believe that being single is what we were created to be. If a girl does not apply wisdom in dealing with us, she ends up making us look bad. So please don’t feel like you need to always know where I am, what I am doing and whom I talking to. Just don’t have that need.  Instead make us feel like we can handle being alone. That you trust us and when girls come around us we shall remember you and not cheat.
Do that and make us feel safe around you. Let me tell you which girls have a crash on me and which ones I think are attractive. In the process you will become my best friend and I will always be loyal to you. Best friends go everywhere together and have inside jokes. We can only get to this point in our relationship if you give me some damn space! Therefore please try, resist that urge of texting me, calling me to ask why I am not replying. Flee from this temptation and you shall inherit my loyalty and love for the rest of your life.
I know this is my opinion and some men will say they are different. If a man is always around you, record the number of times he will want to have sex with you. This type of man will get bored with you after some time. So why let it get to that point? Just resist that temptation of always being around your man and see the results after one week.



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