“Unacheki nini Morgan, ni ukweli nilikuwa napenda uyu dame, lakini sio ile design ya mapenzi ina run dunia. Nilikuwa tu apo juu ya sex. So vile ile siku aliniseti ako home kumbe ni jam session sindio mimi nikamusamba. Wewe una imagine nime spend iyo doo yote kununua food then yeye ako jam session kufurahisha wanaume wengine. Iyo ndio siku story yetu ili die.”
I hope you have read that with a deep ascent and a voice of a guy who may or may not be getting high once in a while. If you have not, I highly recommend that you do. Anyway, what I want you to pick from the above story is the ile mapenzi ina run dunia. Someone may tell you a thousand times how much they love you, how they would die for you. Unless it is love that runs the world then you may be headed for heartbreak.
I hate to be the one who breaks this to you but, the truth is that the only love that runs the world is the love of God. Yes, like as in God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. That is the only love that seems to have stuck around since the beginning of time. How many times have we met someone and thought they are special, perfect even, until one day they slip up because they are tired of acting perfect. Then you realize that they are not so special after all.
Human beings have mastered the art of acting perfect. The good news is that even the best actors in the world forget their lines once in a while. Therefore, it would only mean that no matter how good a person is at acting perfect, sooner or later they will forget their role or words and their naked self will be revealed. When that happens, the love that seemed perfect and amazing is suddenly a lie and loses its magical properties.
So should we give up on love? Yes, please do. Give up on love if you are tired of forgiving someone over and over again. If you are tired of getting your heart broken every time you think you have found the right person. Just when you think you have healed for another broken human being to reap it out of your chest again.  So yea, please give up on love it makes you weak.
Then one day you will need someone to forgive you because you swear you didn’t mean to hurt them. You explain your intentions and show them how much you love them but they will have run out of forgiveness to give you. When you grow old and realize that human touch is way better than the soft feel of your expensive bed-sheets and couch. What I am trying to say with all these words is that if you give up on love, one day it will dawn on you that it is more expensive to give up on love than embracing the weaknesses of human beings.
Human weaknesses make us stronger. Heartbreaks force us to understand that despite our best efforts we can never control people. All we can hope for is for that person you think you love tries their best to love you back. If they disappoint you, forgive them or move on, that is solely your decision to make. I say this because human love is not perfect; it only makes us yearn for a better love. This brings me to the love of Jesus. Now, I know some of you reading this article don’t believe in Christ and that is okay.
Deep down we all yearn for something better than human love. I am no expert at relationships. I know this because I have a few failed ones in my life. All I know is that I have no a happy ever after to offer a lady, but Jesus does. The only way for me to get her there is if I surrender my authority as a man to Jesus and he will get us there; to the proverbial land of happily ever after. He will give me the strength to lover her through her weaknesses because he will make me understand that I am not perfect either and yet he still adores me.
It is like being in love with three people. You kiss, cuddle and sleep with one. The other one makes you stronger and wiser. Makes you enjoy every bit of your human love. Gives you the strength to forgive and love again like you have never been hurt before. I have to literally stop myself from punching these letters now but before I totally do; the only love that runs the world is the love of Jesus. The way I see it, our only hope is if we decide to involve this guy to be our third partner in our relationships.
That is enough…For now at least.


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