Why would a woman wake up one morning and decide that now she wants to be equal to a man? What would possibly happen to make her feel that need? Can we argue and say that perhaps it was a strand in her DNA that was waiting to just manifest itself? Or did God finally decide to promote her to be a man’s equal? Whichever the case may be, personally I think something went terribly wrong somewhere, probably before I was born so as to trigger this monumental event. I am therefore going to give my personal opinion regarding this matter.
The only reason I could come up with after much thought is man. There, I have said it. I believe the biggest problem the world has ever faced is men not taking their rightful place in the society. Man has lost his sense of responsibility and duty. He is grappling with the idea of what it means to be a man. It is like he is scared even. A man is designed to be a provider, protector, hunter and gatherer of his family. There are many words that have been used to describe him.
I am taking this heavy burden of accepting the failure of our species. We have failed as men. We no longer provide for our spouses, our children. They no longer feel safe. The security; financial, emotional and physical that men are supposed to command is missing. This failure has completely changed the way the world thinks and feels.  A woman loves you, loves your children and all your other relatives in rare instances, just saying.  Then deal with your other weaknesses you have as a man. Try and pretend to the world that you are perfect. She is tired every night and after all these, all she wants to know is that she will have good food by the time she goes to bed, that her children will be well taken care of. That was our sole aim of existence. That was the mission. Mission failed.
Now she has to be strong for her daughter whenever she asks where daddy is because today you didn’t come home just like the rest of the week. When your phone was off the day the landlord came knocking, she took care of it only the way a woman would. For this, men have been overthrown from the provider throne and now something feels off balance. For things to be restored to their natural state, men must understand that the only way to remove the women from the throne is not through violence but seduction.
This journey will no doubt have its uncomfortable obstacles. Men will have to start providing. Build trust and security around them. Then maybe, just maybe, the women might give us back our thrones.  


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