Episode two
I am almost certain everyone has one of those times they can swear they are madly in love. You kneel down and close your eyes beside your bed; this is the first time you are praying in a while. You truly don’t want this feeling to end. You have faith that the guy who pushes prayer requests in heaven will definitely see this one. I mean, he ignored when you asked for your grades to change back in school, when you desperately needed that cash and so on. You get the idea.
Please allow me to lie to you, even just a little. Let me lie and say the biggest secret being held right now is that Clarence has a girlfriend and yet he has fallen so madly in love with Maria. He has not told his girlfriend that he is cheating on her, emotionally at the very least and Maria is under the impression that this beautiful boy seating across the table staring at his coffee is the sweetest man she has ever met.
Okay that is not a lie. Not in this episode at least. He was literally up the entire night.  I want to say tossing and turning but that is too common so I will say he was up all night playing Fifa. He wanted to distract himself from having to make a decision between playing these two beautiful girls and breaking the heart of one. You guessed right, that didn’t go too well.
So now here he sat, staring at the love insignia in his coffee mug dissolving into the cold latte.
“Hey, hey, what’s up? You have made me so happy the past few days it is not right that you should sit there looking like you have done something wrong”.
“Say I had a girlfriend and I didn’t tell you but I was madly in love with you, what would you do?”
“Wait; are you so madly in love with me?”
I know this is the part where Maria is meant to go all crazy and curse but bear with me. See Maria has not been very honest with us, no let me stop. Please continue reading.
“Yes I am. I am not just saying this because I want you. I am in love with you. And it is not the way you call my name, or the way you wink at me when I stare at you. This is deeper. I swear I was up all night thinking about you. Take for instance when I call you, just when we are about to hang up, there is always that silence, it’s like it is waiting to be filled up with a word. Yesterday I figured out what that word is. I love you Maria. I know I have lied to you but it was not intentional, I didn’t anticipate falling for you like this.”
“So what would you have me do Clarence? Just so you know I can’t be your side piece. Not now, not ever.”
The smartest thing for Maria to do right now is pretend to be so deeply hurt by the actions of this guy staring at her with one of those eyes. Walk away from all these and perhaps save us the drama of what is about to unfold. Whom am I kidding; she has fallen for him too. Clarence having a girlfriend is certainly news to her because she thought he was too sweet to lie to her. Let me rephrase that, she thought she had given him just enough to have him wrapped around her little finger? No, let’s go with charm, wrapped up in her charm.
I know what you are thinking; I am making Maria look like a conniving (word that is originally supposed to be used only in the animal kingdom). Maybe I am. Again, I am only an author; the story shall continue speaking for itself.


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