Sex enjoyed or otherwise outside the heaven of marriage is a sin that gives birth to a world of destruction and pain that follows you everywhere like a shadow that can only be extinguished by hiding under the cover of darkness and building a wall of justification around you.
This of course is a lie. First I agree that it is very difficult to be a human being. Hands down! Just waking up in the morning then remembering that that hey I am alive, God has given me a new day, a new life, another chance to live and perhaps maybe, just maybe you might say thank you Lord. I receive this gift of life. Let your will be done.
Yes sex! I think out of all the things God created, sex to me takes the crown. Sex is a secret so small, so common, so sweet, and whispered by a seductive tongue in darkness. Sex is a secret that has brought down mighty kingdoms and great civilizations. In a blink of an eye, mighty men of God have fallen to a secret so small and common. (Think about your dreams and ambitions and then think about Joseph and his dreams then measure them on the scales of faithfulness, patience and self-control). Jesus said that the secrets of heaven have been hidden from the so called wise and revealed to small children. Think about that for a while.
If understood, the secret of sex is a key that opens the gates of heaven and ushers you into a whole new world of peace, power and love of Christ. I have served in church for the better part of my life. I am one of those people who were brought up in a religious house. Went to church every Sunday and then of course what everyone else does; joined Christian union all my school life. Back in my local church I served in praise and worship, youth ministry and attended all church committee functions. I was a perfect example of a good Christian youth, at least to the human eye.
Inside my heart was burning. Sex was tearing my soul into pieces. Holding the microphone on Sunday, worshiping and praising God yet deep down I knew I had nothing to offer Him as a living sacrifice. the only thing I could offer was my body as a living sacrifice for Christ to come and truly live in it yet there I was, constantly grieving the spirit and denying Him an opportunity to use me as a vessel.
Jesus offered his life and shed that all so precious blood, abandoned everything good in heaven for your sake. That is the reason why His name and blood are above all principalities of the devil. The blood he shed for us is an eternal sacrifice for our sins that will only be activated by a believing heart. So for any soul that claims to lead people to Jesus in prayer, praise and worship, that soul must examine itself if it can truly say I am offering myself(your body) as a living sacrifice to be used as a vessel to win souls to Jesus. Our bodies are the temple of God and anyone who destroys the temple of God, that person God shall destroy.
Today the world is meant to believe that the church of our Lord Jesus Christ is not as powerful as it used to be because of weak and or dead vessels like myself. Instead of being used as vessels, we are used as stumbling blocks by the enemy to lead souls away from Christ. By secretly and unashamedly making a sister or a brother to fall in church, youth group or any part of the body of Christ, we in turn invite upon ourselves destruction spoken of by Jesus Himself; we deserve to be thrown into a lake with a stone tied around our necks.
Why is the church so silent about this? Have the tongues of our pastors and bishops been tied down by the lies they peddle to the hungry souls and their own little secrets whispered in the dark? Why the boys are not properly and consistently brought up in the ways of the Lord being taught the importance of treating women with respect and the great honor that comes with waiting till the wedding night to have sex is an issue to be seriously addressed by the church.
The selfish act of men placing sex so high in their requirements to be in a relationship and proof of love is misguided and has for so long now been slowly but surely making young women to believe that the only way for a man to truly love and be faithful, is if the lady gives up her body (I was such a guy before so I know what I am talking about). Sadly this is not true. As soon as the secret is whispered, eyes open, they run and hide and the man almost always blames the woman.  Shame and guilt hold them captive (this is a very dangerous place to be. If you are held captive like I was please cry out for help because this is the stage that most people die and give up on the Lord).
After we realize just how naked we are before the Lord, we always try to hide our own nakedness (Abortions, condoms and pills). Then the justifications set in. the man will tell the lady how much he loves her and they are practically married and heaven knows it ( is that too much? Well I have used that line before). Once Lucifer, the father of lies manages to capture you with chains branded on fornicator, he uses the shame and guilt born by our disobedience to feed us with all manner of lies aimed at hardening our hearts to the simple truths of heaven. 
Before I say anything else, let me say in clear, simple language that it is possible for a man to love a woman without sex. Yes, it is possible for him to love her enough to want to wait for her. It is impossible to try and achieve this with our own wisdom and strength. We require Christ to cloth us with his own garment of righteousness so that we can hide our nakedness because without the spirit revealing this to us we won’t even know that we are lost let alone being naked. By the spirit of God that inhabits our bodies, once we are truly dead to self, our hearts are softened to become alive to the truths of God and the fruit of self-control will attach itself to our hearts.
If you are reading this and you have been strong, you have kept yourself pure, please do not brag but be vigilant lest you fall. Become a good example to others letting them see the love of Christ in you but not self-righteousness. If you have fallen like I have, do not continue to sleep and hide away from our LORD. Refuse to be a captive one more day. Wake up, cry for help, hold out your hands to Jesus and he shall save you.
I am in no way trying to place fornication above other sins. I am drawing our attention to the uniqueness of this sin. Any sin that a man commits is outside his body including drunkenness despite that alcohol goes into our body. Fornication as a sin is unique because when committed it affects the soul Where the marriage between you and Christ should take place. So when we become weak in controlling our flesh, indulging in all manner of sexual sin, we grieve the Holy Spirit. His tears fall into our hearts hardening it to the truths of God. That is why it is written; it is very hard for anyone whom having seen and tested the goodness of the spirit and abandons it, to be made new again. However, if we can truly die to self and let Christ start living in us, His spirit will be planted into our hearts and once having fully grown cultivated by us with fear and trembling, His fruits will slowly start to attach themselves to us according to his will. This is the time that we shall become attractive to the hungry world. They shall feed on us the same way we feed on Christ and His goodness.
Clearly I am not saying this because I count myself righteous, but because I know I have been lost. By the grace of God, the spirit has been able to convict my heart to this truth and how I desire for the spirit of God to fill me and convict my heart of my many sins. How I desire for the spirit of God to move and reveal this truth to anyone reading this irrespective of your religion or denomination.  This is the only way the church of Jesus will grow and truly become a light to this dark world that he loved so much as to die for.
Jesus says many will call on Him on the last days invoking their great works; healing the sick, driving out demons, helping the poor but Christ says he will tell them to get away from him because he never knew them(Si ati alikujua then later forgot. He never knew you from the beginning because your soul was never married to his. You never truly died to self so that he can claim you with his blood and start living in you). The way faith without actions is dead is the same manner in which a human is dead without Christ even though still breathing.
Are you open to the possibility of truly dying to self so that Christ can start truly living in you? Then by His spirit enable you to win even just a single soul to his kingdom and cover a multitude of your sins? I know I need this, do you?


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