God REGRETTED/GRIEVED creating a human being!! Wait! Hold up, what!? Now, I am no bishop or pastor nor have I ever attended a single class in any bible school but when in Genesis 2 God Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, Creator of heaven and earth the I AM creates a man in His own image and four chapters later in Genesis 6:6 REGRETTES creating him, then something is terribly wrong with this story that many Christians do not like thinking about and is rarely spoken of in many sermons delivered in our churches.
(Make sure you read the book of Enoch about how the angels fell because they did before the creation of man. Ooh, if you are wondering what the book of Enoch is read 1st and 2nd Peter and Jude)
God created everything that is on earth and in heaven and He was pleased with everything except one! That man should be alone (I would have put here where this is mentioned in Genesis but please go read for yourself.) now this is just the beginning of the story and we learn two very important eye-opening truths: 1. it is not good for man to be alone. He needs a woman by his side to have a relationship with. 2. After creating man, shortly thereafter God was grieved that He created him.
In Ezekiel 28, we know that Lucifer just like everything else that exists was created by God. He was most beloved but there was found fault in him. He was proud because he was beautiful. He managed to convince a third of the angels in heaven to disobey with him (yes, Enoch!). Here, I want us to learn only one truth, which is that all God wants so far after two creations;
a.        The original creation (which was spiritual that involves Lucifer who first fell and became the father of lies. Find this in John 8:44)
b.      Man (physical creation of man in God’s image from dust in Genesis) is to have a relationship with his creation because He first loved us. Have you not heard that God is love? (1st John 4:8).
A man shall leave his parents and hold on to his wife and they shall no longer be two but one flesh (Genesis and Mathew). I don’t know about you but thus far there is a clear picture being painted here; that man is a reflection of God and a woman the reflection of the man.
God desired to have a relationship with the angels and He did for a while until Lucifer fell. Then He created man in His own image and He loved him. Lucifer having fallen and now residing on the same earth with God’s humans, decided that he will make the man fall the same way he did and so he lied to the woman(here we get the phrase weak vessel from 1st Peter 3:7). Even after the woman eats the fruit, notice that her eyes are not opened until she gives it to Adam (just try and remember this as you read along).
The woman has given the forbidden fruit to Adam and now they have fallen. God comes and instead of breaking these two up and saying how bad they are together, He PROVIDES clothes for them and shows the man how to PROVIDE for his family. Clearly, God at this point is reluctant to totally shut out the man like he did Lucifer. The only reason that almost makes sense is that man had a woman. Either, God was curious to see how man is going to treat his woman or, He wanted to use the relationship between man and woman to demonstrate to coming generations how to love and be in a perfect relationship with Him. These two reasons at the end of this article should make the same conclusion.
How? How, is a man supposed to love a woman?
Ephesians 5:25, just like Christ loved the church. That is how much husbands should love their wives. A church is a once lost soul that Christ came to search for and it accepted Him and followed Him. There is already an aspect of being lost and disobedient yet Christ still laid down his life for this church! Imagine if a husband could love his wife so much to a point that he would rather die for the sins of his wife. What a love that would be indeed!
If such a love were to exist, just think about it for a second. How different would the world be today? Imagine a world where no single woman cries because her husband dared to lay a finger on her. Think of an honest relationship, full of love and understanding and trust where a husband sleeps next to his wife every night. A world where children are born in a loving environment being taught that sex is really good but enjoyed in a marriage where a father will love the mother with his life and their daughters will not get a chance to be deceived by the father of lies and his children (I have been known to be a player in the past and oh my have I lied to girls out there. I am sorry) or your sons led astray by their canal desires committing all manner of unspeakable deeds with daughters of men.
Simple truth is that if a man loved a woman as much as Christ loved the church, then a son born in that union will learn how to love, value, and appreciate women. A daughter born in such a union will learn how to be loved in the right way and will become wiser to see through the lies of the father of lies.
The father of lies knows this better than anyone of us and that is why the role of a father has been marred and buried in a grave where the last person who knew where it was died in the past few centuries. Today, boys are taught that beauty equals big ass and makeup and therefore every girl who wants to feel beautiful( this particular brand of beauty is deceiving, by the way, look at Proverbs 31:31 and Ezekiel 28:17) is forced to change and become what the society says.
Fornication has now become a word people use when they have sex on the first date because when you do it after coffee it is called making love (I am not a virgin and I am not married) and girls have been taught that nudity is what boys want so why not wear skimpily and show my body to these boys who have men acting as their fathers. Who have not been brought up in the ways of the lord (Proverbs 22:6). When asked why I dress the way I do I will not say I was brought up like this, I will just say it is my right.
(Next time someone looks at you with a cheap look it is probably because you are cheap. There is a comedian, I don’t know his name but consider this acknowledgment, he said that if you dress in a whores uniform then don’t complain when I confuse you for one.)

Are you a father or just a man?
First, a father brings up his children in the way of the Lord. That is the first and most important duty. Then a man provides for his family (1st Timothy 5:8). If you are still reading to this point then you already know the analogy I would have used here to show places where God provides and so should a man for his family.
So if you are a father love your woman into submission, don’t beat her into it. Love her until she obeys even what the society would consider unreasonable. Protect her from any abuse. Forgive what you think are her weaknesses (the phrase a woman is a weak vessel has been a subject of misuse and misunderstanding for a while now. please check my article on beautifully weak). Listen to her, understand her feelings she is not complicated.
Providing does not entirely mean financial providence. God does not only provide us with money. He gives us love, peace, joy and hope among other things. As an earthly father, sometimes all you have to do is provide a platform for your woman to help you and you will be amazed at what she can do I mean look at the woman in Proverbs 31, she provides too! So just love your woman, let her be a mother of your children and teach them the love you are showing her and see if your children will not make you proud as a father and they will not be a burden to their mother(also somewhere in the bible google it).
Consider the number of times you sin against God yet He still forgives you and remembers your sins no more! So why is it so difficult for you to love your wife no matter her faults? God loves you with all your faults so why not love your wife? Do this and teach your son that a woman should be loved not beaten, teach your daughter that sex does not get or keep a man but fearing the Lord does. If as a man you fail to become a father, then your family shall fall apart into tiny little pieces and slip through your fingers like dust.
When a man and a woman get married they become one as earlier noted above. So in the event that a husband and a wife argue or fight, it is a person fighting themselves. They can never move forward. God hates divorce in the book of Malachi, He even goes ahead to say that men flood His altar with tears when they have dealt treacherously with the wives of their youth. This simply means that when you don’t love your wife God is not listening to you! (Malachi 2:13-16)
She will wake up from her bed this morning hardly having slept at all because she was worried about you, you didn’t come home last night. She will check your closet and realize you carried an extra shirt. Clearly, you slept at the other woman’s place again! She will drop down to the floor and cry for you. She will remember where the two of you started from, all the promises you made to her while she was young and beautiful. Now you have forgotten. Now that she has given you children and she is not as hot anymore. This is the time you choose to stop loving her.
So maybe she will somehow find the strength to get up from the floor, force herself to live another day in this loveless union. She feels completely alone. The children that are meant to be a solace to her are rebellious because the father is not around and the only language they understand is shouting and quarreling. It is way too early; it is only 5:00 a.m. she has to go to work. You rarely give her money for upkeep (this opens up a gate to a dark world and the children are misled in all the ways of the world. If the woman has no strong Christian foundation she may find herself doing things she never imagined in her wildest dreams). Then we are wondering why the society is increasingly becoming evil and rotten???
My humble prayer for you this Christmas season is for you not to be shy! Go ahead, and love your wife just a little more. Become a father and let her become a mother to your children and help create a little heaven down here.
Merry Christmas everybody!



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