Let us first all agree that being a player is not easy, right? Salute to all the players out there wherever you are! It is hard work! Pretending to be stupid when your spouse finds that I miss you text on your phone and you have to give very stupid and unwarranted explanations. Waking up in the middle of the night just to reply to a text and immediately delete it then block that number till the next day when you are alone then unblock it and try to explain to an angry lover why you were off the entire night.  This addiction requires patience, multiple personalities and a tongue genetically engineered to lying. 
I have been a player myself; I know what I am talking about. In fact, you can quote me on this subject.  It is probably more difficult than working at a construction site. It takes every last of your so called intelligence to just pull off playing two persons, now imagine playing five or ten persons simultaneously. It drains you, but for some strange reason, it is adrenaline packed. It is addictive to know that you are holding two, three or even ten hearts in your hand and their owners trust you with them thinking their hearts are the only one in your possession. The adrenaline that comes with this knowledge is amazing.
But did you know that when you are being played you can actually know? You can feel it deep down. When you love someone your hearts connect in the spirit realm. When one heart starts to love other hearts in a romantic way, your heart can actually feel the heartbeat of the cheating heart slowly fading away and because we are so in love with this person, we want to pretend that maybe the heart is just sleeping and not cheating that is why the heartbeat is faint. We try and find all the possible excuses to convince ourselves that our partners are not cheating.
In the event that you are genuinely fooled by this guy or lady and are completely caught unawares by them, there are signs that every player leaves behind his lying trail that you can actually track and catch him red handed or pants down if you like.
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