We are addicted to so many things: Sex, drugs, masturbation, alcohol, cheating, lying, homosexuality, pornography, and stealing, killing, rape. This list is extremely long. We are addicted to one thing or the other, if not us, then one of our family members, if not family then a friend or just someone you know.  The need to control them and make them stop is just overwhelming. We take them to rehab centers, specialists, to daktari mashuhuri kutoka Zanzibar and most commonly to pastors, for prayers. This is typical human reaction to circumstances beyond their control. What if I told you that there is a better way?
If a child has not been taught and convinced that you can eat vegetables with visitors while there is meat in the kitchen, then that child will embarrass you by asking for it. They will not know that they are doing something wrong by asking for that meat. So how do we expect for an alcoholic to know that they are doing something wrong when they drink themselves silly and sleep by the roadside even under the rain when they have not been convinced that whatever they are doing is wrong? Same thing applies to sex addiction, cheating and so on. Just because you find having sex with multiple partners wrong does not mean the entire world does!!
Good news is that it is not your job; neither mine nor the pastor’s to pass judgment and allocate blame to persons who might be engaging in behavior that is different from yours. Could this behavior be affecting you negatively in one way or another? Definitely! Are you allowed to worry about them and try finding solutions? That is your duty and it is expected. What is not allowed is judgement and discrimination of these individuals.
Is cheating bad? Could it lead to broken marriages, family, relationships and contracting diseases? Yes. Why should we then not condemn the cheating and condemn the person cheating? By judging the person addicted to sex, will we have taken away the vice of promiscuity if the person is not convicted that what they are engaged in is wrong? I am sure you are beginning to wonder if what I am saying might just be making sense.
I don’t want to quote bible verses because I am not debating but suggesting a better way for us to be Christians and good people without making everyone hate us while trying to spread the word of God. It is only the Spirit of God that has the mandate, liberty and jurisdiction to convict the world of sin. For arguments sake read the book of John.  Meaning I can preach to a sinner the entire day and night but if the spirit of God has not drawn that person to Jesus, my efforts are quite frankly, useless.  This therefore limits our authority to preaching and spreading the word of God and what it says about these sins. The convicting and judging let us leave it to the Host of heaven and Prince of peace.
Instead of judgment how about we pray for them. Instead of talking behind their backs how about we actually try and be their friends. Win their trust and slowly mold them to whom the word of God says they should be. Most importantly, instead of sending them away, how about we show them love.
I am well aware that by writing this article I am not even close to describing just the sort of addictions that are out there and the struggles that people go through to try and overcome them. My words stumble trying to define the kind of burden and pressure which is put on the family and friends because of these addictions. What this article intends to do however is, explain that it is not the person that should be attacked but the addiction. God does not hate the sinner, not at all, it is quite the contrary; He loves the sinner but hates the sin! Are we better than God?
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