Personally I have never dated a single mum before, but I had a very intriguing conversation about that subject with a friend yesterday and being a writer, I had to give my unsolicited opinion about it. Therefore what you are about to read is my own fictional dialogue between myself and my friend on this intriguing topic for your solicited opinions.
I: “Would you date a single mum?”
My friend: “Yes. I totally would.”
I: “Would you marry a single mum?”
My friend: “No! I doubt I would.”
I: “Why?”
My friend: “I don’t know. I guess it kinda feels right when the woman I marry gives me my first son.”
I: “Huh! Help me understand that.”
My friend: “Understand what?”
I: “Why you would date her but not marry her.”
My friend: “They give a good f**k”
I: “Wow! I don’t know how to respond to that”
My friend: “But it is true. They always feel like they have to offer more when they meet a guy. When they get a baby and the man is not around they kinda feel damaged and they have to be more flexible to win a guy.”
I: “But who is to blame here? The woman for being left alone, ama the man for being such a bitch ass man?’
My friend: “Si ni dame! Mbona alikubali?”
I: “I can’t believe you right now!?
My friend: “What?”
I: “There is nothing wrong in a man lying to a woman? Making her feel like she is the queen of his world only to abandon her at her weakest? When she needs you the most?”
My friend: “But si anakuwanga na mtoi already.”
I: “I am talking about before she gets that first baby. When you are planning to lie to her, Make her feel special in your world, when at the end you are going to leave her there and build another one for the next one. Is it wrong then? And if yes, why then blame the lady for falling in love? Isn’t it now supposed to be the other way around? That it is more difficult to win over a single mother because she can now see through your lies? And when any man around the world happens to be lucky enough to encounter a single mother, he should only ask her out when he intends to repair the damage caused by one of his kind.”
My friend: “But ni society Walai, I found it this way. Culture is a bad thing I swear!”
Voice in my head: So maybe before you say yes, ask yourself, what if………


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